We are dedicated to promoting artists & strategizing their careers. We work hard to guarantee their success by building - alongside their vision - firm tracks for them to be onto to run their business affairs as smoothly as possible by offering personalized services designed specifically to match every artist’s needs.
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About Us

We master the art of dealing with artists. Although a young company, The Shining Spot is specialized in handling public relations, marketing campaigns, creation of visual content, legal and funding for established and new artists. The highly qualified staff members, who between them command five different languages, have been trained in cultural management, art management, international business and marketing, music, economics, travel logistics and photography. The Shining Spot offers a customized service of quality, continuously adapting to globally changing conditions. We shape individual careers and develop national and international strategies.
The Shining Spot relies as much on the fresh ideas of our creative, culturally diverse team as it does on hard–won expertise.
Our goal is to enable our clients to develop their artistic potential to the fullest, according to their unique personalities and vision, as we develop their commercial possibilities in the most fitting and rewarding ways. The commitment of The Shining Spot, as a well rounded platform, is to work more diligently than ever to create opportunities for our clients, to forge partnerships, to make our clients known and to place them in situations where they can shine.
Wafa Kechad
Fashion Editor
Sabrina Ferdjani
Art Director
Marie Rousseau
Sabrina Mahieddine

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