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From Diary to Gallery

On the eve of the first anniversary of The Black & White Gallery, it was only fair to highlight the creativity and the incredible work of co-founders Menat El Abd & Nawf Al Jahdami.

The BWD Traveling Gallery is one of a kind experience, a mobile art exhibition whose purpose is to take the viewers into a contemporary adventure. Each location has a special selection of visuals which created a unique exhibition. The viewers are invited to disconnect from their every day reality for a moment and self reflect through different art mediums. The on-the-go Gallery consists of a room where videos can be watched on the ceiling. Photographs are on display which will take the viewers on the artistic journey that is The BWD Diary.

Menat El Abd founder of The Black and White Diary is no stranger to the Dubai art industry, her passion for visual arts has been the essence of her work, from her photographic diary to urban wear line and now art exhibitions, Menat is always on the move onto the next project.
When asked about her love for photography she told us ” It has started for me since I was a child, the idea of capturing moments and keeping them forever is something I wanted to continue to do. Growing up, my interest for black and white photography grew stronger. I have always been inspired by the classic Egyptian movies and I wanted to resemble what inspired me the most in my photography. Black and white photography captures emotions, feelings and leaves all the distraction of details behind which drew me in the most.”

The BWD Gallery is currently set at The Doug Adams Gallery in Berkeley, California.