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Jaouad Bentama : A New York Success Story

New York based Mixed Media Artist, Jaouad Bentama, has been creating memorable art since a very young age. Growing up in France, Bentama first became interested in art in elementary school, where he began to explore painting and drawing as a form to connect with others and for self expression. His first influences were antique objects and paintings found at the flea markets, a neighbor, who taught him to paint to channel his curious mind, and his own emotions manifested through media and color.

In 2012 Bentama moved to New York City to pursuit a self taught and environmentally influenced carrier. He often draws inspiration and appropriates from popular culture animations and childhood cartoons to form a distinct artistic style

Jaouad Bentama thoughtfully plays and blurs the lines between commercial and fine art which allows him to connect with different audiences. He has reworked many popular television and cartoon icons including Mickey Mouse who has a special and personal meaning to him .In doing so, Bentama has gained popularity and momentum for unsettling iconic cartoon figures to influence a musing interplay between consumerism and cultural impact

Bentama aesthetic uses a sophisticated and playful humor that has caught the attention of dealers, collectors, galleries, auction houses and museums in the international art world.

Now, Bentama is challenging his potential by moving beyond the sphere of the exclusive art market to occupy a more complex global market that expands to different medias. His appeal and fresh take on modern art offer a window into where contemporary art is headed and where our eyes should be.