Boosting your transport marketing strategy in 2023‍

The transport activity, which concerns both the transport of goods and the transport of passengers, has been booming in recent years with the arrival of e-commerce and the growing desire to travel. This implies for transport companies to be ever more competitive and to know how to stand out, in particular by developing a strong digital strategy.

What is transport and logistics services marketing?

The marketing of transport and logistics services is the set of techniques and methods implemented by a company specializing in the transport of goods or people to encourage customers to request the services it offers.

This implies the implementation of an effective marketing strategy, in particular by being present on all the media to increase the notoriety and the turnover of the company.

The transport activity: a sector in perpetual motion

Transportation is defined as the movement of goods, services or people from one point to another. This economic sector includes maritime, rail, air and road transport. This market, which generates more than 1.9 million jobs, is mainly carried out by road.

Different components come into play in the transport sector:

  • Capital: roads, railways, planes or even trucks.
  • Energy (petrol, diesel, electricity).
  • Workers.
  • Time.

Having an efficient and effective transportation system is essential for businesses that want to stay competitive in the global economy. Countries with advanced transportation systems have always been among the leaders in industry and commerce.

In addition, transport services facilitate the movement of goods and services and improve access to work, education and health.

Finally, transport is necessary to source raw materials and spare parts and to get products to consumers. Especially since if the goods are generally designed at the headquarters of the companies, their manufacture is very often carried out in other countries.

How important is marketing for a transport company?

Transport and logistics are service activities that are difficult to materialize and value, in particular because they do not correspond to impulse purchases, but rather to needs that must be met. It is therefore essential to implement targeted and personalized marketing actions likely to influence customer behavior.

Transport marketing helps companies in this sector to enhance their specificities, optimize their commercial policy and increase their notoriety. The narrative should be focused on strengths and innovations and highlighted with impactful business tools.

What are some marketing approaches that can be used in the transportation sector?

  1. Create a showcase site.
  2. Work on organic SEO.
  3. Set up ad campaign social networks.
  4. Design a commercial brochure.
  5. Use vehicle wraps.
  6. Improve the customer experience.

1 — Create a showcase site

Creating and putting a website online are the first two actions to be carried out in a digital marketing strategy. A real showcase for the company, the website serves to demonstrate its expertise and communicate about its offers. It must be ergonomic and designed to be usable on mobile phones and tablets.

The site must, at a minimum, present the history of the company, list its services and offer a contact form. Including a blog section also helps create added value, bring information to potential customers and build credibility for the business.

2 — Work on organic SEO

The second step consists in working on the natural referencing of the site in order to optimize its positioning in the results of search engines, in particular thanks to the use of the keywords most regularly typed by Internet users. This helps to get regular and targeted traffic as well as build brand awareness. In addition, local SEO is also essential for transport companies to increase their visibility. It is :

  • Create and optimize a Google My Business listing.
  • Add photos, practical information such as opening hours.
  • Publish customer reviews.

3 — Set up ad campaign social networks

The use of social networks is no longer an option for companies that want to promote themselves and quickly develop a community. LinkedIn is one of the most widely used B2B platforms. It makes it possible to attract new customers and in particular to reach other companies that may need the services of a transport company.

4 — Design a commercial brochure

The commercial brochure remains a significant asset in terms of communication for a company specializing in transport. It may be available on the company's site, in its offices or distributed at commercial events such as fairs or shows. It must make it possible to quickly identify the company, to know the contact details of the people to contact, to have a complete presentation of its offer and its services as well as its strengths. It must also be pleasant to read, airy and key information must be highlighted for better memorization by readers.

5 — Use vehicle wraps

The advertising wrap consists of covering a vehicle with graphics in order to promote a commercial activity. Thanks to flocking, the various means of transport such as utilities or trucks can become powerful marketing tools, making it possible to significantly increase the visibility of the company and to communicate on its contact details for example.

6 — Improve the customer experience

To increase customer loyalty, it is essential to understand all the aspects that influence their satisfaction. Improving the customer experience involves listening to their needs and implementing actions to meet their expectations, by creating benefit programs, additional services or even gamification systems.

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