How does the Instagram algorithm work in 2023?

The Instagram algorithm filters and ranks posts according to various criteria. He is the one who decides how each post ranks in each Instagram user feed.

Understanding how the Instagram algorithm works is therefore used to create content with a high audience and high engagement. And conversely, a successful post that receives high engagement sees its ranking improve in the news feeds of Instagram users.

5 Tips to Leverage the Instagram Algorithm in 2023

1. Prioritize Reels

In 2023, Instagram Reels are still the best performing post format on Instagram. Indeed, the algorithm favors reels in users' feed because of their entertaining aspect and their ability to keep users on the platform longer during a session.

Thus, the production of Reels is a necessity for any user wishing to take advantage of the Instagram algorithm in 2023 in an optimal way.

2. Optimize Engagement

If your content receives engagement (likes, shares, comments...), the Instagram algorithm will consider that it appeals to the public and will then show it to more people. On the contrary, if your post receives few likes, its reach will then be reduced, further reducing its probability of receiving engagement.

Because of this butterfly effect, we encourage you to create content with the goal of generating engagement. Your content should be entertaining, inspiring, or educational.

3. Use hashtags

Hashtags allow the Instagram algorithm to identify the subject of your content and show it to the right niche of users. Thus, the people exposed to your publications will be more likely to interact with it, which will please the Instagram algorithm as we have just seen.

We recommend adding around six hashtags to your Instagram posts to maximize your reach.

4. Post at ideal times

To maximize your engagement and take advantage of the Instagram algorithm, try to post your content at times when users are most likely to be online.

In general, the best times to post on Instagram are before and after work hours, before 8 a.m. and after 6 p.m.

5. Post regularly

Posting on a regular basis will not only help you grow your community, but it will also tell the Instagram algorithm that you are a user involved in creating content. However, be careful not to post too often so as not to create a fatigue effect in your audience, reducing your engagement rate.

Four or five posts per week seems like a good posting frequency, but it depends on the type of content you offer.

Instagram Feed Ranking Factors in 2023

Three main factors determine what users see of an account or brand in their Instagram feed:

1 - Interest

Instagram predicts each user's level of interest based on their past behavior. Thus, the social network is more likely to show a publication talking about swimwear to a user who has already interacted with content highlighting swimwear, rather than to someone who has not. The past behavior of followers therefore plays in part on the visibility of a publication.

Posts that appeal to the user appear in their activity feed. These can be created by an acquaintance, but not only. This may be someone the user does not yet know. To choose publications, Instagram analyzes all actions (likes, comments, shares, saves, etc.) to determine the content that appeals to the user in order to offer him more.

2 – Recency

The date on which the post was published has an impact on its ranking in the users' news feed. The most recent content is valued more by the Instagram algorithm than posts that are several weeks old. In addition, to optimize his visibility, the user must publish content at the best times, depending on the hours when his audience is active. To do this, he must analyze the statistics of his account in the dedicated tab.

3 - Engagement

Instagram prioritizes posts from people who matter most to the user, such as their closest connections and other accounts they value. To take into account the user's interests, Instagram analyzes its engagement markers. For example, one of his relations has published several contents and he leaves a comment each time. The Instagram algorithm will understand that this account is important for the user. Indeed, people who have already interacted by comments, tags or even likes in the past with an account will have a better chance of seeing new content from this account appear at the top of their news feed. It is then important to call on your community to like, save, share your content, send a private message, start a conversation in the comments, etc.

In addition to these key factors, there are two additional signals that influence rankings:

4 - Time and frequency

A user who connects regularly will not see the same posts as an ultra-connected member. Indeed, Instagram tries to show its visitors the best posts since their last visit. A user who frequently visits their Instagram account will have a rather chronological newsfeed, while a user who rarely logs in will have a newsfeed based on their interests. Instagram usage time also plays a role in post selection.

5 - Number of subscriptions

If a user follows few accounts, the selection of posts from the accounts they follow will be high. On the other hand, if a user follows a high number of accounts, their selection of posts will be drastic. The Instagram algorithm actually tries to expose the content of different pages to diversify the news feed of its members. Publishing many posts on the same day from the same account therefore amounts to taking the risk of diluting the total SMO power of all of this content. This is another reason that pushes social media managers to publish on a regular basis, rather than on a one-off and massive basis.

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