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David Anslem Turner

David is an accomplished artist who creates timeless paintings that speak for themselves, that move with a rhythm and a mood that are all their own. His pieces draw the viewer in and entice them to look more deeply. David tries to create a visual drama, which develops after several applications and corrections of paint.


“I work on about three canvases at once. If I get stuck, I put one away and return to it later, delving deeper into the other two. This can continue over months before a painting is resolved. It is an ever changing struggle with form, line and color. All three elements determine the space of the canvas. The idea is to reach a fine balance, a point when the work is dynamic yet calm. My direct contact with the surface is an important catalyst when I paint or draw. This connection fires my senses, allowing me to use my intuition but also creates unforeseen obstacles, making the experience a journey of discovery and revelation.