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Mizo is a multi-talent artist who does not hesitate to use all the resources he has to make his work. Nothing frightens the artist, his inspiration is drawn from the world around him, his obsession for beauty and his urgency to live intensely, make his life a whirlwind of creation. His love for photography comes from the need to own time, to multiply it, to immortalize it and to share it, in order to restore the happiness it offers us.

Concerned about the content and especially the form, the aesthetic takes a primordial place in its works. Finely observant nothing escapes his sharp eye.
From the global image to the subject’s cufflink, everything is studied, reflected, seen and reviewed to give a result tied end to end, works that read like books, word for word, history just like the style must be beautiful. The provocation perceived by some, in its works, is only to make think differently.


Mizo is recently experimenting with a technique he has developed himself and of which he alone has the secret.
After the photographic concretization of the concept, the artist embarked on various plastic and pictorial steps that will give a new dimension to his works, the photos come to life and the observer is lost in the illusion between photography and painting.

Mizo has made several solo exhibitions in Algeria, he has also exported his works abroad (USA, Canada, UK).



Arab Artist, Art, Contemporary Art, Future Antérieur, Modern Art