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Sacré & Relic

Aziz Jamal Bangoura is presenting us a first collection high in details well thought. Made in Montreal, Canada & inspired by African traditional patterns, he revisited street wear classics and added his very own interpretation of the West African culture in a smooth touch to make every piece unique.

We, at The Shining spot, are crazy about this collection for three major reasons: it’s easy to wear, it’s exclusive & it sends a strong message about equality of the sexes. It’s often forgotten that women also love comfy, loose, simple street wear and we end up in the men’s section or our boyfriend’s wardrobe. Sacré & Relic is made so you don’t have to worry about the cut or the fit, you just choose the design that inspires you the most. We also like the fact that the collection is limited every article comes in very few pieces.

The collection, as detailed as it could be, stays simple and casual.
Easy to match with your current wardrobe and special enough to noticed.


Our favorite piece has to be the black crew neck that our model is wearing as a dress. It catches the eye by the details on the sleeves, but it’s that remarkable open back that got us obsessed. Not only the concept is original, but it distinguishes itself by that reversible African pattern, simply genius!


Photographer : Mehdi Djelloul
Model : Wafa Kechad
Styled and directed by Wafa Kechad
Location : Montreal, Canada


African Influence., Montreal, Unisex fashion