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Tibian Bahari

Tibian Bahari is a young artist whose work is driven by her darkest times. As a young woman being aware of her emotions, she was able to translate those sorrow patches into artworks.
Every piece is very different from one another, and a sensible level of growth shows from her first work through the last one.
She has a unique way of mixing medias with her state of mind as it contributes massively in her work.
Tibian doesn’t identify herself with any type of art, it all depends on what she’s reading or watching or even studying in the moment.
Lately, she has been into found objects. The idea of bringing life to what was abandoned fascinates her. She creates around those objects by giving them an artistic purpose.
Her aim is to bring art into a political spectrum that combines art and activism in a very positive and forward-looking way.


Artist, Contemporary Art, Modern Art, Painter, Sudanese Artist