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It was in high school the first time it happened, in the Audiovisual class, the teacher had put some silverware in his hands to capture the empty high school on a Wednesday afternoon. Then the dark room, the smells of chemistry and finally the image that appears … magic! It was at this moment that ​​Lamine Ikheteah aka Utopique understood he had something for photography.

He learned photography as a self-taught photographer during several trips, ever since,  when he isn’t traveling physically, doing photography makes him travel inside his soul.
His work is mainly focused around travels, dreams and nature.He captures images with the first camera he could find near him, he uses as much films,  digital camera, smartphone and more. He recently found himself have a  passion for the alternative processes.

He is experiencing at the moment with a photographic chamber late 1800 large format and he wants to push his learning of old processes by different techniques.
To make modern photography with old techniques, to produce unique photographs and to experiment with the notion of “taking time”: this is where he wants to go.


Love is something you never get enough and you never give enough - Henry Miller.

Arab Talent, black and white photography, modern photography, parisian photographer, utopique