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Abderazak Tissoukai : A Retrospective

Anyone can pick up a camera and take photos, but that doesn’t necessarily make them a photographer. Being a photographer, especially a good one, takes a special kind of talent. A talent that Abderazak Tissoukai possesses.

Abderazak captures the world around us, in all of its splendor and beauty. From Indonesia to Zanzibar to his home country of Algeria, his camera is his footprint, crafting a wonderful tale of exploration and discovery.

Photography is a form of journalism, even when the subject is mother nature, it still tells a story. Abderazak’s footprints show us the world from different perspectives. Whether it’s a bird’s eye view, a glimpse into another culture, or an exposition of the earth’s stunning landscapes, his photography is an exhibition of a world we are all merely a part of.